Industrial Ladder Sales in Chennai

Industrial Ladder Sales in Chennai

Industrial Ladder Sales in Chennai

Industrial Ladder Sales in Chennai

Industrial Ladder Sales in Chennai are utility objects and are an integral part of the day to day life, and their presence can be felt in almost all set of industries. One can find them in the form of plain & simple wooden ladders to sophisticated and articulately designed aluminium step ladders. Among the variety of ladders that are found in the market, there are few designed & developed using aluminium metal and are considered to be durable, sturdy and long-lasting.

Used for commercial as well as domestic purposes; one can find aluminium ladders of different types as wall support ladders extension ladders, self-support ladders and so on, and each of them is used for a specific purpose. It is due to the growing demand for aluminium ladders one can find manufacturers through their specific designs across the globe.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that thousands of people are treated for fractured bones, bruises and cuts from improper use of Aluminium ladders every year.

Hundreds of people die from ladder-related injuries

(i) Inspect the scaffolding

(ii) Check for ‘loose or bent rungs’ of your little giant ladder.

(iii) They should be kept clean of oil, grease, mud, snow and other slippery materials.

(iv) Carry a ‘single or extension’ ladder parallel to the ground. Hold the side rail in the middle of the ladder for balance.

(v) The ground under the ladder should be level and firm. Do not set your little giant ladder up on a muddy surface.

(v) Set the base of your one foot away from the wall for every four feet of ladder height.

(vi) Do not use bricks, boxes, etc. to raise the height of ladders to make them gorilla ladder.

(vii) Keep the ladder off from windowpanes or sashes.

(viii) While using the ladder as an orchard ladder, turn it sideways, ease it into the tree.

(ix) Face the ladder when you climb up or down. Hold on the side rails with both hands. Use a rope lift heavier equipment’s.

(x) Keep your body centred ‘between the rails’. Wear shoes with ‘non-skid soles’. Do not wear ‘leather-soled shoes; they can be slippery.

(xi) Never use a ladder in high wind. Never stand on the top rung of any ladder.

And the least never leave a raised ladder unattended. gorilla ladder

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