Aluminium Step Ladder

Aluminium Step Ladder

Aluminium Step Ladder

Aluminium Step Ladder

We have a huge stock of Aluminium Step ladders  rental is a business model that has been around for years. However, it hasn’t grown in popularity until recently. In this post, we are going to talk about the advantages of  step ladder rental and how you can create your own business on top of it.  Aluminium Step Ladder is a quick, simple and effective solution for small businesses who need a ladder for a short time but don’t

What is Aluminium Step Ladder?

A step ladder is a portable, self-supporting, A-frame ladder. It has two front side rails and two rear side rails. Generally, there are steps mounted between the front side rails and bracing between the rear side rails. These Aluminium step ladders are used for domestic and commercial purposes. These step ladder is made up of Aluminium material

Uses Of Aluminium Step Ladder

The rungs of your Aluminium ladders could speak to your past achievements and victories and maybe a couple of blunders in judgment called disappointments which implies something not exactly sought after. You say, “I didn’t expect this yet here it is. I figure I must manage it.  Errors in judgment are things that happen when you are out of the spotlight on what is truly required for living effectively.  Notwithstanding they should happen in life since that is the way we learn. Ideally, we don’t retreat and rehash the same mistakes. This would be reckless and there is nothing to pick up from such activity.

Unfortunately, excessively numerous individuals do this.  They live in the same old grooves for a long time fulfilled that life has given them wretchedness and there is nothing they can do about it. They have surrendered to its appointment and disappointment has them in its hold. The hold is tight to the point that it gags any dreams of trust and achievement. They can see no more distant than the disappointment that exists in them.

Price and Specifications:

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Country of Origin Made in India
Material Aluminium
Structure Step Ladder
I Deal In New Only
Color All
Usage/Application Industrial



  • Main extrusion made up of aluminium alloy ‘c’ section 66 x 32 x 3. 18mm thickness of he 30 grade t6 temper.
  • Hidalco make step made up of of 26mm x 3 mm thickness non slip, extra grip checked sheet steps high quality polymer wheels mounted on a ms trolley along with brake.
  • Step size 24” x 24” along with two side safety hand rails for steps & three side safety hand rails for top platform maximum working load : 240 kgs

Available height:

  • Minimum 4 feet – maximum 20 feet

Available types:

  • Ms trolly section
  • Aluminium trolley section
  • 12 Months Warranty


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