Aluminium Ladder Manufacturer

Aluminium Ladder Manufacturer

Aluminium Ladder Manufacturer

Aluminium Ladder Manufacturer

They provide world class services and style in scaffolding and that they make sure you are providing expert service with full protection and safety. The professional Ladder service providers take special care of the health and safety hazards of others. They have a commitment to their employees and ensure that the safety of their employees is protected and there is less probability of any accidents. Not only the employees.

Aluminium Ladder:

It is important to hire a professional when such a risk is involved. The professional agencies design scaffolds after extensive calculations by an expert. This is done so that the scaffold has adequate strength and stability. The Ladder that is being constructed and dismantled or is altered by SG4 and TG20:08. Any other modifications other than this must be done by a competent person who has full knowledge about this to ensure the safety and stability of the Ladder as well as the building.
The people employed in this are very much trained and they have provided hands-on training so that to ensure the safety. They also take care that the requirement of their customers is met properly. This gives you an idea of how this professional Ladder works and why is it important to hire professionals for Health Fitness Articles so that a safe and expert design can be availed by you and that too in a very short period of time. The Ladder service providers give you all reasons why not to depend on the constructors only and most importantly the safety is the greatest reason for hiring an expert and not anybody else.

Ladder sales:

Our Aluminium ladders are proven strong and durable, yet light in weight.  They lock together without tools to form a structure that is quick to erect and easy to dismantle.

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Ladders in Chennai such as Tiltable Mobile Tower Extension Ladder in Chennai, Tower Ladder in Chennai, Tiltable Tower Ladder in Chennai, Trolley Step Ladder in Chennai, Oil Tanker Mobile Platform Ladder in Chennai, and many more items from India.

We are the Aluminium ladders manufacturer and suppliers of the highly sophisticated Aluminium ladder supplier in Chennai which has been designed to cater to multiple requirements with respect to its applications. The dimensional accuracy of this product is commendable which enables the user to achieve the satisfaction of the highest levels in Chennai.

This product is highly durable and exhibits a great deal of accuracy in terms of its functionality.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Anodised Yes
Weight Min 25 kg
Capacity (Kilogram) 90-150 kgs
Wheels 4
Dimensions (l x b x h) Closing 10 Feet, Extension 60 Feet
Material Aluminium
Colour Silver



  • Main Extrusion made up of Aluminium alloy ‘C’ Section 66 x 32 x3.18mm thickness of HE 30 grade T6 temper. Steps made up of 26mm x 3mm thickness Non-slip, They lock together without tools to form a structure that is quick to erect and easy to dismantle. extra grip round corrugated flutted pipe steps. Aluminium alloy heavy duty box type Tiltable Tower Extension Ladder mounted on 4 nos. special type solid rubber tyre 12” x 3 ½ “ size wheeler. MS Channel trolley, provided with a top working platform of size: 18” x 22”, Tools tray of size: 18” x 10” – 2 nos, Gear winch 1no. for extension & lowering purpose and another 1no. for tilting purpose, 4nos. screw type ground lock and tow bar handle. Aluminium reinforcement for extra safety & stability.
  • Maximum Working Load: 180 Kgs They lock together without tools to form a structure that is quick to erect and easy to dismantle. They lock together without tools to form a structure that is quick to erect and easy to dismantle.

Key Features:

  • High-quality heavy-duty steel construction and effortless moving wheels with super quality Aluminium section. And winch to reduce operation effortless and increase working stability.

Safety Features:

  • Provided with a screw-type ground lock jack. Safety lock for top working platform, box ladder in a vertical position, extension, lowering, tilting gear winch. They lock together without tools to form a structure that is quick to erect and easy to dismantle.

Available Height:

  • Closing 10 Feet – Extension 60 Feet

Available Types:

  • Various Degree (2 & 3 Sliding)
  • Tiltable (2 & 3 Sliding)
  • Fixed (2 & 3 Sliding)
  • Note: 12 Months Warranty

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