Gangway Ladders

Gangway Ladders

Gangway Ladders

Gangway Ladders & Ship Ladders

ZEBRIK is High quality Gangway Ship Ladders manufacturer and Suppliers in India mainly in Chennai, Bangalore, Gujarat and Mumbai. Aluminum Gangway Ship Ladders are highly used in shipping industries for heavy usage of materials as well as passengers. Zebrik Gangway ladders are manufactured as per the custom based requirements. These are light in weight, easily movable and long lasting.


  • Aluminum Marine Gangway of aluminum ‘C section of size 2.”5/8,”‘ x 1.’1/4″
  • The structure of the gangway is constructed to take maximum load capacity
  • The structure consists of three number ‘C’ sections duly joined as under
  • The upper two ‘C’ sections are joined together and the lower C sections are also joined but at a distance of 8~10 inch apart
  • On the top portion of the ‘C’ section checkered sheet of 3 mm thick is mounted on aluminum pipes of I-Inch dia at a distance of 12 inch center to center
  • The gangway is also provided on both the sides by railings of 3/4 Inch MS round pipe which are collapsible
  • Nylon rope is passed through the pipe for safety. On the checkered sheet ‘C section is fixed for easy walking on the ladder
  • On the front end of the gangway, round MS hooks are provided and at the bottom end of the gangway an axle is provided with two numbers Polymer wheels of 12 inch dia.
  • The width of the gangway is 24 inch standard. The sizes are available from 12 ft to 24 ft. Also available in custom based sizes


  • Reasonable prices
  • Best grade material
  • High performance

ZEBRIK, The leading Ladder manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in India main suppliers in Chennai, Bangalore, Gujarat, Pune, and Mumbai. Avail a wide range of Ladders types such as Wall support ladders, Self Support ladders, Ship ladders, Oil tank ladders, Tiltable ladders for sale and rental services across India.