Ladders for Home

Ladders for Home

Ladders for Home

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Ladders for Home!!!

We all understand that we need one step ladder in every home. Ladders are meant to help the people with the maintenance work, cleaning, or access to the loft. For that reason, we discuss the usage of step ladders as house hold access equipment.

  • Step Ladders are cheap!!!
  • Ladders are Safe!!!
  • Step Ladders are Light in Weight!!!
  • Step Ladders are long lasting!!!

Zebrik, an emerging brand in the ladder market in India, manufactured by 360 Degree Global Equipment’s Pvt Ltd., a Chennai based company. Zebrik offers various types of ladders that can be used for Domestic, Commercial as well as industrial purposes. Find below the Zebrik range of Ladders :

Domestic Range of Ladders

  • 2 Step Domestic Ladders
  • 3 Step Domestic Ladders
  • 4 Step Domestic Ladders

The above domestic ladders are also come with Tool Tray for your convenience.

Commercial Range of Ladders

Industrial Range of Ladders

All the Zebrik products are made up of high quality aluminium alloys to ensure a safe and secured environment when working at heights.

All the Zebrik products are compiled to international standards such as :

  • BS EN 131
  • BS 2031


  • Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing
  • Interior / Exterior Civil Works
  • Painting Works
  • Street Light maintenance
  • Roofing Works
  • Cladding Works
  • House hold activities
  • House Keeping Works
  • Cleaning windows of the high rise buildings
  • Warehouse OperationsMore Search Terms used:Ladders

    Aluminium ladders

    Multipurpose ladders

    Oil Tank Ladders

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