Keep your Ceilings and Walls Clean!!!

Keep your Ceilings and Walls Clean!!!

Keep your Ceilings and Walls Clean!!!

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Keep your Ceilings and Walls Clean!!!

High ceilings are beautiful and add huge amounts of character to your new build or home restoration project. But often simple things like keeping your ceilings clean or even changing the bulb in the ceilings are overlooked. These downsides aren’t always apparent when looking at flat architect’s drawings, but the moment you walk into your new home you look up and notice the light fittings far out of reach of not just you, but your step ladder. It’s only then that you might start thinking about how you might change that light bulb when that day comes. By then your architect will be long gone, leaving you with a bit of a problem to solve.

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Enter Zebrik Ladders!!! We’ve got various types ladders, but for high ceilings it is really our range of step ladders that you’ll need in order to reach up this high. Extension ladders are no good, not unless you have a nearby wall to lean your ladder against. No, what you’ll need is a free standing combination ladder. This is an A-frame ladder that doesn’t need any walls to lean against and will get you safely up high.

Take a look today at our new range of Step Ladders. If you’d like more advice then call our friendly sales team, who are incidentally all ladder trained, and qualified to give the right advice in helping you choose the right ladder.

Our Range of Domestic Step Ladders are confirming to various international standards including BS EN 131 & BS 2037.

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