Safety tips for Working with Industrial Ladders and Working at Heights

Safety tips for Working with Industrial Ladders and Working at Heights

Safety tips for Working with Industrial Ladders and Working at Heights

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Safety tips for Working with Industrial Ladders and Working at Heights

Lets not beat around the bush, using industrial ladders can cause injuries. In fact, working A man falling off of an industrial ladderat height is one of the number one causes of fatalities and major injuries in the workplace and falls from industrial ladders is one of the biggest culprits. Its the responsibility of both the business and its employees to ensure they are safe at all times.

In this blog we look at how workplaces can reduce risks for employees who are working at heights. There are many rules and regulations that they should read if they are new to the business, this is more of a reminder for those established businesses who regularly work with heights.

Before your employees start climbing their ladders, they need to plan their work properly. They should ask themselves the follow questions, do I have the knowledge to do the job, have I had relevant training, am I comfortable with working at a height and do I have the right type of equipment to fully complete the job? If they answer no to any of the above questions, then they shouldn’t be using industrial ladders. As a business it is your responsibility to either educate your workforce before taking on jobs that involve working at a height or look for outside help or subcontractors who have the relevant skills and experience necessary.

When using industrial ladders it’s important to use common sense. Your employees need to know that there is an element of danger to working at heights and it’s not only themselves they could injure, they also need to ensure they do not injure anyone else too. Remind your employees… If it looks like it could be dangerous, do not do it, it probably is.

So what risks do your employees need to think about when working at heights and using industrial ladders?

We have come up with a few reminders that you may want to print off and share with your employees. It will be highly useful for anyone that regularly works with industrial ladders.

Remember, failure to remind your employees could result in a fatality, serious incident or injury. So don’t take any chances, make sure your staff are fit for the job.

Things to Remember When Using Industrial Ladders…

  1. Always use the right equipment.
  2. Make sure you are physically and mentally able to do the work at hand.
  3. Never work at an impractical height.
  4. Prevent falls and injuries by using your ladders correctly.
  5. Never climb a ladder without taking the relevant training.
  6. Ensure you can get up and down safely.
  7. Work from stable ground as much as you can.
  8. Be careful and assess the risks if you are working on or near fragile surfaces.
  9. Ensure equipment is suitable and in good working order.
  10. Look for falling objects and if necessary use proper protection.
  11. Never exceed the maximum weight of your ladder and don’t ignore any safety instructions.
  12. Don’t overreach, lean, climb ladders the wrong way, skip steps or have more than one person on one ladder at a time.
  13. Don’t use ladders for extremely heavy tasks.
  14. Never use ladders for more than 30 minutes at one time.


For more details about ladder safety please do call us at : 044 6535 8880.

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