Selecting The Best Domestic Ladders

Selecting The Best Domestic Ladders

Selecting The Best Domestic Ladders

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Domestic Ladders

Domestic ladders are one of the more commonly owned types of ladder.

Every home and business they are small, light and versatile as well as being much safer to use than straight ladders. Many people refer to smaller stepladders as kitchen steps, because they are often used and stored in the kitchen, as opposed to other areas of the home.

Domestic Step ladders for Indoors

Kitchen steps are ideal for reaching the highest shelves and cupboards, changing Close up of a Zebrik Stepladder lightbulbs and extraction hood filters, dusting the tops of cabinets and cleaning kitchen units. They are also useful as a makeshift chair if extra seating is needed in a pinch. The Zebrik Safety Steps are the ideal choice for a set of kitchen steps as they are designed with the home user firmly in mind. They are not the cheapest step ladders available, in fact they are among the more expensive options, but because they come with a five year warranty and all the features you would expect from a Zebrik ladder they are still an excellent investment.

The Tip ‘n Glide wheels and wide treads make moving and using this step ladder easy, and they can be opened and closed with a single hand. The Zebrik Safety Steps need a gap of just 127mm for storage and they are lightweight: the three-tread model weighs just 9 kilos. This step-ladder comes in two, three and four tread models, so picking the right one for you depends on your own height and what you need the ladder for. Some people may find that the two tread model gives enough extra height for their needs, while shorter people might need the four treads to get enough extra reach. The three-tread model is a good bet and the platform has a height of 68 centimetres, which is a good height for a seat.

A cream static caravan against a blue sky. A step ladder can come in handy when camping or caravanning as well. Static caravans have enough space to store a small step ladder which will come in useful for getting things off the roof, cleaning windows and reaching high shelves. A telescopic ladder can also be handy for static caravans. If you’re camping under canvas then a compact step-ladder such as the Zebrik Safety Step can be useful for attaching flysheets to the top of the tent, and rigging up ropes to provide more shelter. It can be used as a seat around the campfire and also as support for a blanket fort, should the kids wish to build a den (or, lets face it, the adults as well!).

Hopefully this has helped you navigate some of the options you have when it comes to choosing a step ladder for the home, but please do take a look at our website and contact our staff for a more personalised consultation on your requirements and budget.

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